Wednesday, August 17, 2022

I Get In Relationships For Money Not Love

Man, I feel like a break up song just wrote this post for me. 

I’ve fallen head over heels for a guy before but it didn’t work out and now I’m all about not being treated badly. But is my new-found passion really as good as it seems? Charlotte London escorts say Maybe it’s not worth sacrificing your future to find a Mr. Right for someone who will spend his money on me  

You see, I’m a gold digger! And I love it. I dated a guy who loved me pretty much on my terms. Then he dumped me because he wants to find someone else who loves him more. And the truth is, he really loves me more than I loved him. So what does that make me? A gold digger of course! London escorts said  that’s why he loved me, because I was willing to “give it up for him”. 

I suppose if you are convinced that this is your calling in life, then women chasing men for money isn’t so bad after all alot of women do it say London escorts. But if you are wondering whether you’re really a gold digger or not, here are some tell-tale signs. 

1. London escorts say if you don’t mind being single because of the women out there who are desperate for men who have money. 

2. You plan to marry someone for their money instead of marrying them for love. 

3. You have no problem with your man being the one who takes care of all the duties around the house while you lie around on your ass enjoying yourself. 

4. You have no problem with your man being the one who keeps things going while you relax and do nothing. 

5. And finally, if a guy really wants to treat a woman right, he’ll find a woman who is financially independent so he doesn’t have to spend his precious resources on her. 

Is this me? I don’t think so. some people are just not really wealth-obsessed say London escorts because I’ve already got money to my name. If I needed it, I could get it. Plus, I look at the reality of men who say they love me but can’t even afford to pay for their own drinks, let alone mine! 

Sure, there are some women who will do anything for a man who can make them feel special. But if you don’t love yourself first, you won’t be able to love anyone else. There are things I want in life, but if I just wait for someone else to give it to me, I might never get it. And not only that, my prince will never show up. 

This is not really about whether or not men should open their wallets for you. That is not the point of this post at all. 

The question posed to many London escorts is, how do you keep from being perceived as a gold digger? I’m not going to say that it’s wrong to want to be treated well by a man, because I happen to believe that men and women should treat each other the way they wish to be treated. There are things you can do avoid being seen as a gold digger even if your intentions are good. 

1. Find a guy who actually stands for something. Who doesn’t just want a girl who is willing to throw herself at him or someone who just wants a girl for money or his name. 

2. Don’t date guys who are looking to self-improve their financial status or who are desperate for money men. You want someone who can provide for your needs, not take care of them. 

3. London escorts  say Don’t date guys who are wowed by your beauty, be it physical or financial attractiveness. You want someone who finds you attractive because of how amazing you really are, not because you take his breath away! 

4. And finally, don’t give up on the dream of finding “the one” just because he might not love himself enough to do what you need in order to become his main priority. k

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